Google for Jobs

Information and Google Schema
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Google for Jobs

  • Free Job Postings directing back to your site
  • Need Google for Jobs Schema markup
  • Currently Live in 50+ countries now and the list is growing
  • Aspen Tech can help or do it yourself. Here’s how:

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How to configure your site for Google for Jobs

TodoYour ATS / Career siteAspenTechLabs provided career site (CSC)
Add markup into HTML (jobs have to include one of the following formats Microdata/RDFa/JSON-LD)
Development requiredAdded for all clients
Setup data mapping and validate using Structured Data Testing Tool
Development requiredAspenTechLabs advanced mapping handles this which results in best compliance and higher ranking in Google Jobs search
Keep sitemap.xml updated, such as when jobs are edited, deleted or created. Ping Google upon updateDevelopment requiredSitemap automatically updated after jobs sync
Handle expired jobs – Google wants to exclude expired jobs, so it is critical to notify them of expired jobs immediately. Page must return 404 or 410 error so Google knows it is expired.Development requiredCSC handles this
Submit sitemap to Google Webmaster ToolsWebmaster action requiredCSC account manager

Monitoring and performance

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