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Aspen Tech Labs, a leader in recruitment technology solutions since 2008, provides technology, tools, data and analytics for job boards, job aggregators, recruitment advertisers, job distribution firms, applicant tracking software firms, and corporations to maximize their online recruitment activities.

Web Data Management

Jobs, Autos, Property, Classifieds
Aspen Tech Labs offers a sophisticated web data management platform to assist on-line advertisers automate, synchronize and enhance their customer data content. If timely and precise data, requiring synchronization, categorization, scheduled and regular updates, is required to support your customers, contact Aspen Tech Labs to demo our solutions.


  • "We started doing business with Aspen Tech Labs in 2012 with one job board and since then we bought four licenses. This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

    Julian Knight,

    "SpiderMount job wrapping service is a strategic tool for integration, and Aspen Tech Labs provides high levels of service."

    John Brennan,

    "We love your service. You are so efficient & responsive. How easy, efficient & high quality dependability you have made it for us!"

    Faith Rothberg,

  • The service team is very capable and eager to help. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to anyone."

    Ken Beller,

    "The team is efficient, friendly and competent. The software is feature-rich. I highly recommend SpiderMount."

    Michael Onett,

    "SpiderMount job wrapping solution gave us an SEO boost. Their support team is easy to work with, responsive, and available."

    Kevin Lustgarten,


  • SpiderMount team has done such a fantastic job. Job wrapping powers a number of our sites."

    Craig Bines,

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