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Recruitment Technology

Recruitment technology, data management, web scraping, and more

Do you lead a budding job board? Oversee business intelligence at an industry giant? Run a niche automotives advertising site? Whether you fall into one of these groups or are otherwise interested in using data to make your business operations smarter, we’re here to help.

When you’re ready to put our tech through its paces, we’ll set you up with a  month-long free trial.


Job Market Pulse

Customizable business intelligence built on real-time jobs data
Jobs data cleaned and enhanced, then delivered – white glove service.

Want to see which of your competitors are hiring? Or whether salaries for open roles at your business are competitive? How about a macro view of your region’s labor market over the past 12 months? With Job Market Pulse, you can review all this and more. Job Market Pulse puts data from the global labor market in your hands. Interested in hyper focused labor market breakdowns? We’ll build you a custom dashboard that displays all the info you’re looking for. We give you the data. You get to see the difference it makes.


WebSpiderMount (Previously JobsWrap)

High-precision data scraping and analytics for any industry

All your data scraping needs wrapped into one solution. You send us your requirements. We send you clean, structured data in the format of your choosing (XML, CSV, JSON, via API, etc.). It’s that simple. Though we currently offer scraping for automobiles, jobs, real estate, and healthcare chargemaster data, we can build custom scrapes for any industry.


Jobs database with complex filtering and 9M+ live global listings

Customized job feeds to supplement and scale your job board’s organic content. If you need access to millions of live (and historical) job listings across hundreds of industries, JobsIndex is the tool for you. Want to see how our database of job listings helps create a better user experience for your job board?



Customizable, mobile-friendly job board software

Job board software built for the needs of today’s job seekers. With JobMount, you get a mobile-friendly platform that makes it easy for applicants to find your clients’ listings, track jobs over time, and apply in seconds. Plus, our sales dashboard lets you analyze performance metrics to boost revenue and attract new partners. But that’s only scratching the surface of how JobMount can help you.



Full-featured cloud-based career site software
Jobs data cleaned and enhanced, then delivered – white glove service.

Want to upgrade your career site, job ads landing pages, and mobile job sites? With CareerSiteCloud, you can do just that – and more. Our system helps you increase application rates and retain top candidates. Plus, you won’t need any IT involvement to integrate your career site with your corporate website – we do it seamlessly. And the best part? You can enjoy free auto-posting to Google for Jobs. Just use our Mini ATS or link to your existing ATS.

Need Something Else? Let’s Talk

Most of our products start with a customer asking if we can help them solve a specific problem. So if you need data but don’t know if one of our existing solutions is the right fit, shoot us a message. Let’s see if we can build a custom solution for you – with you.