About Us

Aspen Technology Labs, is a privately held company registered in Colorado, USA. Sales and support staff are located in the US and Western Europe offices and the development and configuration team works from Europe.

Since 2008, Aspen Tech Labs has been providing recruitment technology and web data management services.  JobMount, the company’s hosted job board solution, is a SaaS product concentrating on niche job board software for newspapers and associations. This product line also includes our industry recognized flagship jobs delivery service, WebSpiderMount.

Over 12 million job seekers use our technology each year to find jobs and improve the lives of their families. JobMount powers more than 100 successful job board businesses in the United States, UK and Europe. Our clients range from multi billion corporations to niche job board start-ups.

In 2015, Aspen Tech Labs introduced its simple SaaS, Cloud-based corporate careercenter solution, CareerSiteCloud.  Dozens of companies and job boards use this simple product to better attract candidates and to publish their jobs to advertising platforms, such as Google for Jobs.

In 2017, Aspen Tech Labs expanded its web data management platform, to include a customer dashboard with full visibility to scrapes and content.  We also expanded the offering beyond jobs, to autos, properties and general classifieds, for our customers who need timely and reliable data passed to and synchronized with an advertising platform.

Contact us to discuss recruitment technology or web data management.