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About Us

Unrivaled Data Experts

Orchestrating data to deliver better experiences around the web

Our Mission

Data is one of the most powerful forces driving our world. Every day, business leaders make high-stakes decisions based on the data they have available. At Aspen Tech Labs, our mission is to ensure that data is accurate, timely, and accessible. We believe that better data leads to better decisions and, over time, a better world for everyone.

Our History

Aspen Tech Labs was founded in 2008 to provide web data management services and recruitment technology to the emerging digital job board space. In the years since, we’ve expanded our offerings to other industries, including autos, properties, classifieds, and really any industry that requires timely, accurate data parsed and synchronized to an advertising platform.

Today, our flagship web scraping service, WebSpiderMount, delivers essential data to over 300 customers worldwide, thanks to our global team of developers and dedicated support staff.

Our Promise

Throughout our evolution, we’ve provided a unique combination of scale and customization: our size and expertise means we offer the operational efficiencies that scale brings, while our commitment to each customer’s unique needs means we’ll never try to squeeze a customer into a clunky one-size-fits-all program.

As we’ve grown alongside our customers, we’ve always listened to their needs and experimented with ways to meet them. The latest outcome is our business intelligence offering, Job Market Pulse, which offers a customizable dashboard to visualize and analyze trends in the jobs market.

As the data economy evolves, we’ll continue to find ways to meet the changing needs of the businesses that depend on quality data for everyday decisions.

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