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Client Dashboard for scrapes management

Job wrapping client dashboard for scrapes management

SpiderMount is pleased to introduce Client Dashboard for scrapes management, including immediate restarts, real time reporting, fixes delivery tracking and support team communication.

Scraping Dashboard increases client control and makes job wrapping process transparent for customer. It allows client to monitor each specific scrape status in real time, do immediate manual restarts, submit new scrapes and manage existing ones.

Automatic email response processing saves time: client can simply confirm scrape or provide feedback by replying to email notification. Dashboard saves reply under relevant customer scrape details.

Key Client Dashboard features:

  • Immediate restart of scrape directly by client (if urgent jobs update is required)
  • Real time scraping and posting reports
  • Live scraping accounts data, updates and scheduling
  • New scrape setup requests processing
  • Summary of tasks pending client comment or approval
  • Status for all ongoing fixes and changes by SpiderMount support team
  • Previous scrapes: jobs archive
  • XML and HTML previews
  • Email notification and alert management

Client Dashboard shows full list of active, inactive and new job scrapes making it easier to manage all job data sources. Client user can also submit a problem and track delivery until it’s resolved by support team.

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