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What is job wrapping/job scraping and why do firms utilize it?

Since Aspen Technology Labs, Inc. was founded in 2008, we have been asked this question many times.

The terms Job wrapping and job scraping can be used interchangeably. Job wrapping is the process of collecting jobs data from corporate careersites, and transporting that data to an advertising platform. Why? To ensure the data on a company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) is synchronized with the job posting on the advertising platform. This is important because if a candidate clicks on a job posting advert, and continues to the apply screen, the apply link or application data transfer will only succeed IF there is a clean match. If a job has been changed or deleted, the candidate will encounter a broken link, and become frustrated.

Aspen Tech Labs, Inc. has developed and perfected a proprietary job wrapping service for our customers. We can collect jobs through an XML or RSS feed, or we can scrape the jobs. No action is required on the part of the corporate careersite for us to obtain the jobs. Once we have the jobs, we can take measures to clean the data. This includes validating city/state combinations, removing email addresses, custom categorization of the jobs based on job titles, and data comparisons (eg what changed from yesterday). Our solution can even replicate real-time connectivity, as we can quickly “ping” the ATS every few minutes to check for new jobs, or changes. In many cases we connect with our customers via API, or we can provide an XML.

Webspidermount is a white glove service. We handle the challenges of jobs data management. In some cases our customers outsource their entire jobs data management platform to us. In other cases, some customers simply ask us to handle the challenging sources. If you have ever heard “I’m sorry, that site cannot be scraped”, you probably haven’t worked with us. Not only can we scrape virtually every site, in any language, but offer our customers full transparency through a customer portal, so that, at any point in time, among other things, you can see how many jobs are sitting on the source ATS, and how many have been ported over. If the numbers don’t match, our team of specialists is working to fix it.

Finally, in a pay-per-click model, Websidermount can get jobs from a customers ATS onto your platform in a matter of hours, beating the competition. There is no long term contract – keep the jobs that you want, and stop the scrapes as needed.

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Michael Woodrow
Aspen Tech Labs, Inc.

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