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Google for Jobs FAQ

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CareerSiteCloud and Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is Google’s 2018/2019 update to its jobs search and job results capabilities. You can say or think whatever you want about Google, but one fact remains – Google is passionate about maximizing the search experience from its Google Search Bar. Google for Jobs is the real deal

Question: Why should I get my jobs on Google for Jobs?

Answer: Google users are active job seekers, and they both apply at a higher rate, and get hired at a higher rate, as compared to the average job seeker. Millions of people search Google everyday for jobs. It is essential that your jobs are present. And, Google does not charge anything.

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Question: Are my jobs currently on Google for Jobs?

Answer: Fill out this form, and we will check for you and let you know.

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Question: How can I get my jobs on Google for Jobs?

Answer: There are three ways to accomplish this.

  • Your IT department or ATS provider can set your jobs schema.
  • Your Advertising partners, except Indeed.com, may be connected to Google for Jobs, so some of your paid postings may appear.
  • You can get a free Trial of CareerSiteCloud/Google for Jobs. In this case, we grab your jobs, populate a Careersite, and send your jobs to Google for Jobs. When the job seeker clicks on your job, she can either be immediately directed to your ATS, or she can land and apply on CareerSiteCloud – your choice.
Question: I see the free trial, but after the trial how much will this cost?

Answer: There is no charge until your jobs start showing up on Google for Jobs. Once your jobs start showing up, you will be charged a $250 setup fee, and $99/mo. You can cancel at any time, no long term contracts. Signup for your free trial here.

Question: What else do I need to know?

Answer: Included in the CareerSiteCloud/Google for Jobs solution is an optional mobile friendly and responsive mini ATS as well as a job alert system.

See an example of a CareerSiteCloud/Google for Jobs site below. Note that it is optional whether or not the jobseeker will be directed to these pages. We can set the program so that the jobseeker moves directly from Google for Jobs to your ATS, with no stops or interim registrations before landing on your ATS page.

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